Короли Вандалов


Anthyrius I - King of Herules on the Baltic Sea, was living in 323 B.C.,married Symbulla, a Gothic princess

Anavas, King of the Heruli, died 171 B.C. He married Drithva,

Alimer, King of the Heruli, died 96 B.C., married Ida

Anthyrius II, King of the Heruli, died 34 B.C., married Mary of Jutland

Hutterus, King of the Heruli, died 35 A.D., married Judith of Jutland

Vislaus I, King of the Heruli, died 91 A.D., married Tibernia of Norway

Vitilaus, King of the Heruli, died 127, married Anarnia of Gothland

Alaric I, King of the Heruli, died 162, married Bella of Coln, in Germany

Dietric, King of the Heruli, died 201, married Diana of Triers

Teneric, King of the Heruli, died 237, married Biogonna, a Thuringian princess

Alberic I, King of the Heruli, died 292, married and had a son, Wisimar.

Wisimar, King of the Heruli, died 340, married Amalasunta, a Saxon princess

Miecislaus I, King of the Heruli, died 388,

Radagaisus the Vandal, who went into Italy in the time of Emperor Honorius, and was there slain in 405. He married Cella

Godegizel (Godigiskl,Corisco) - King of Vandals(?-31.12.406) married Flora

Gonderic, King of the Vandals, who invaded Spain in 409, and died in 426, married Elisa of Granada,

1. Gelimer son of Godigiselus of the Vandlas (King of the Vandals) m.Eurica (dau.of Adulphus of the Goths (King - Goths in Spain)). Eurica , dau.of Adulphus of the GOTHS (King - Goths in Spain)

2. Gaiseric - King of Vandals(428-477)


1.1. Thrasamund of the VANDALS (King of the Vandals)


2.1. Huneric - King of Vandals(477-484) Eudoxia

2.2. Genzon d.between 468/477

2.3. Feodor


2.1.1. Gaiserich

2.1.2. Hilderic - King of Vandals(523-531) Amfleda the Younger dau.of Thrasamund, King of the Vandals in Africa by Amfleda the Elder (daughter of Theodoric, King of the Ostrogoths by Theodora}

2.1.3. son


2.2.1.Gunthamund King of the Vandals 484-496 d.496 Procopius (B.V., I.8, 6-7) gives him as a son of Genzon and a grandson of Geiserich. He is the son of Hunerich and not the son of his brother Genzon.

2.2.2.Thrasamund - King of Vandals(496-523)See his alternative ancestry -- as son of Gelimer [brother of king Gaiseric]. m.1st NN m.2nd ca.500 Amalafrida(d.aft.523), sister of King Theodoric of the Ostrogoths Procopius (B.V., I.8, 8) gives him as a brother of Gunthamund.

2.2.3.Gilaris (Geilaris) Hilda, Princess of the Goths in Africa, was married to Frode VII Harald , King of Denmark, who died in 548. They had a son, Halfdan d.530/533 d.533 Notes Oamer and Evagey was described by Procopius as brothers and nephews of Ilderich. Evagey was murdered with his uncle, and Oamer, who was blinded after the coup of 530, died before that. Amfleda "The Younger" m. Hilderic of the VANDALS Gelimer King of the Vandals 530-533 d.after 534 Notes He surrendered to Belisarius in March 534 and was settled in Galatia Tzazo (Cason) Tzazo (d. dec 533) Killed in the battle of Tricameron Ammatas d.13.9.533 Notes He killed in battle at Decimum near Carthage Galswintha See also her as Godesvinda, dau.of Amalaric - King of Visigoths (526-531Allied in 536 to Athanagilde Ier DE WISIGOTHIE 510-567, with Brunehaut ca 537-613 Allied in 567 to Léovigilde Ier DE WISIGOTHIE ca 531-586 Gibamund d.13.9.533 Notes He described by Procopius as nephew of Gelimer (may be Gibamund was a son of Ammatas), killed in battle at Decimum near Carthage. 



Годегизель(+409), король вандалов

1. Гунтарих, король вандалов в 409-428

2. Гейзарих, король вандалов в 428-477

2.1. Гунерик, король вандалов в 477-484, ж1- ?, дочь Теодорика I, короля вестготов, ж2- Евдокия

2.1.1. Гильдерик(+532), король вандалов в 523-530

2.2. Гентон

2.2.1. Гунтамунд, король вандалов в 484-496

2.2.2. Тразамунд  {Thrasamund} (+523), король вандалов в 496-523, ж- Амалафрида Старшая, дочь Теодемира, короля остготов

2.2.3. Гейларис Гелимар, король вандалов в 530-534


























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